June 18, 2024

No-Risk Matched Betting — What is It?

Matched betting is one of the most talked-about subjects in the betting industry right now. The notion itself is undoubtedly alluring: you put two bets and are assured to make a profit in the process. There is always the proviso that you must avoid making errors, but if everything goes according to plan, your profit should increase.

Things to Know About No Risk Matched Betting

  • Matched betting is the practice of taking advantage of free bet offers from bookmakers.
  • Matching bettors put a back bet (betting on the result of an event) at a bookmaker and a lay bet (betting against the outcome of the same event) at the same bookmaker.
  • The stake is decided by a matched betting calculator, which is used to guarantee that a profit is made on the wager.
  • The result of the event is not important if both bets are put properly and the matched betting calculator is accurate.
  • What’s the drawback? No risk matched betting is not yet available in the United States.

What is No Risk Matched Betting, and How Does it Work?

No risk matched betting is a strategy that bettors, sometimes known as “sharp” bettors, use in order to make a profit on every wager they place. On a qualifying bet, bettors often incur a modest loss, which they subsequently utilize to lock in a profit by betting on both the winner and the underdog of a particular event. Bettors will earn regardless of whether they win or lose if they use the correct calculation to establish the lay stake.

Europeans have taken to matched betting like a duck to water, and it is now widely seen as a potential second income stream or side job for many people. The disadvantage of matched betting is that bookmakers, whose profit on bets is negatively impacted by the practice, disapprove of it and will close accounts of anyone who engage in the matched betting activity. Nevertheless, for many bettors, the danger of losing money and their accounts is worth it in return for a (relatively) dependable second source of income, with long-term earnings typically reaching into the thousands.

Why is No Risk Matched Betting not Permitted in the US?

No risk matched betting may easily achieve the same level of popularity in the United States as it has elsewhere, but there is a snag: federal regulation. While it is lawful to bet across state borders in the United States, it is not permitted under the Federal Wire Act of 1961. As a result, individual states have been legalizing betting in the USA since the watershed Supreme Court ruling in 2018, rather than betting being accessible on a national basis.

The limitation on matched betting to bets inside single states is an obvious concern for matched betting. In order to make a guaranteed profit, matched betting depends on lay bets, and lay bets — in which gamblers wager against the result of an event — are only accessible on betting exchanges.

Why Betting Sites Suffer in the US Due to a Lack of Liquidity?

The operation of betting exchanges is dependent on the presence of a significant number of active bettors. Since bets are accepted by people rather than the betting exchange itself in a peer-to-peer service, it is essential to understand how they work. There is a sufficient number of bettors utilizing the platform for it to be deemed to have good “liquidity” — that is, there are sufficient persons ready to take back and lay bets from their fellow bettors in order for the platform to operate. If there aren’t enough bettors, the platform’s liquidity will be low, and bettors will not be able to have their wagers matched.

Low liquidity has a number of negative consequences for both the betting exchange and the bettors seeking to utilize it:

For matched bettors:

Because of the lack of liquidity, matched bettors may find that their wagers are not matched and, as a result, cancelled. Given that bettors, by their very nature, desire to be able to place wagers, the thought of cancelled bets is undesirable.

For betting exchanges:

A lack of liquidity equals a loss of revenue. Betting exchanges, unlike online bookmakers, do not have the ability to apply an overground to qualifying bets. Instead, they create revenue by charging a fee on all winning wagers. In the event that bets are cancelled, there will be no commission, and their only source of revenue will be depleted.

Several Alternatives to Matched Betting are Available

Unfortunately, there is no viable alternative to no risk matched betting available in the United States at the current moment. There are a plethora of betting systems and methods available, many of which are well worth knowing more about, but none that “locks in” a profit in the manner that matched betting is designed to do. Standard betting, on the other hand, is becoming more accessible, and casino, poker, and daily fantasy sports betting have all contributed to ensuring that there are still choices for online gaming available for people who are seeking them.

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